Dear Members,

It’s been 4.5 years since the official opening of our studio, and we are so grateful for all of you and the studio we have created together.  During this time, we have worked really hard to maintain the same pricing we opened with in 2014. Unfortunately, nearly all of our vendors and subscriptions we use have increased or even doubled their pricing.  The time has come for us to implement a few changes in our pricing and business practices. Please understand the price changes are minimal and only affect our class packages and single classes. In addition, we will offer more options for unlimited classes!  Being an affordable studio with quality classes will always be of utmost importance to us.

Class Pricing and Policies as of April 1, 2019

$69 – 2 Week Unlimited (14 day expiration)

$99 – 1 Month Unlimited*

$180 – 2 Month Unlimited*

$259 – 3 Months Unlimited*

$39 – New Member 5 Pack (30 day expiration)

$18 – Single Class (30 day expiration)

$75 – 5 classes (2 month expiration)

$130 – 10 classes (4 month expiration)

$220 – 20 classes (6 month expiration)

*We will no longer provide extensions on unlimited packages for vacations, planned travel and religious holidays.  1 month, 2 month, and 3 month class packages will ONLY receive an extension due to injury, illness, or unexpected travel for emergencies.  We hope the introduction of the 2 week unlimited as well as the 2 month unlimited will help you plan for your upcoming events. No exceptions.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Cancellation Policy

Any class cancelled beyond 6 hours before the class is considered a “late cancel”.  You will lose the class from your package. Classes MUST be cancelled online regardless of your attendance in order to open the spot for another member.