Dana Chau

Dana has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 11 years at some of the top fitness clubs in New York City specializing in Pilates, barre, Spinning, strength/conditioning, flexibility and pre/post-natal fitness. She also choreographs and teaches dance classes that combine a mix of hip-hop, house and jazz technique. She loves her work, and enjoys being able to inspire and motivate people to better themselves physically and emotionally.

Fitness Idol: I have two fitness idols who happen to be sisters. When I was a Crunch Fitness member in the 90s, Malin and Nadia Zaki who had the most amazing and energetic classes I have ever taken.  They helped mold me into the kind of instructor I am today.

What you love most about teaching: I love the positive impact I can have on a member’s life either it be physical or emotional. I am a natural born cheerleader and strive to bring the best out in everyone.

Hometown: New York City

Favorite Musical Artist: Depeche Mode

Favorite Food: Ramen