Our updated cancellation policy – 1/24

GROUP CLASS Cutoff time – 3 hours before class. What does this mean? If you cancel a class within 3 hours before a class begins, it is considered a “late cancel”. If you register for a class and do not cancel or show up, it is considered a “late cancel”.

If you have a class package, and you late cancel, you will lose the class.

If you have any of our Unlimited class packs (1 month or 3 month), and you late cancel, you will incur a $10 late cancel fee for each class that is late cancelled. All fees incurred will be charged to account. Late cancel charges will be run once per week, on the Monday following the late cancel.

How will we help? All receipts emailed for a purchase will remind you of the policy on that package. If a class is late cancelled, a confirmation email will be sent via email notifying you.

How can you avoid a potential charge or loss of class? Cancel outside of the 3 hour window. If you are not sure if you can attend, remove yourself from the class, then try registering again if you’re able to make it. We cannot promise a spot will be available at that time, but it is the best option for the situation to avoid any charges.

Why do we enforce this? Late cancels have always been a tough subject for us. A a “no call, no show” or a very late cancel is preventing a wait listed client from being able to participate.

On a more personal note, your success and fitness goals are important to us. Sure, cancellations here and there happen, but many times, we know that the ability to cancel easily without repercussions may be slowing down your progress!

We WILL make exceptions for true emergencies. Email us at clarityfitness@gmail.com should this be the case.

We truly appreciate all of you, and look forward to seeing this change positively affect your fitness and wellness habits! has

PRIVATE TRAINING has a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you session is at 6am, please cancel with your trainer by 6pm the night before without being charged for the session.

This policy is in place to protect our trainer’s schedules and pay, as it is not always easy to fill a space with short notice. As always, true emergencies (Illness, family, etc) should be communicated to your trainer or by emailing clarityfitness@gmail.com and we will take this into consideration.