We are OPEN for outdoor and some indoor classes with LIMITED capacities, per governer’s orders.

  • Classes will be mostly in the backyard, as they are safest there. When it’s too hot or too cold, we’re excited to have the indoor option!
  • Class size, for all formats, will be reduced to 7 people maximum. This week’s current schedule’s registration limits have been adjusted to reflect this.
  • You will be required to wear a mask at ALL TIMES when class is in the studio. This is a directive straight from the Governor, and we feel it’s important and safe. This means, you must enter in a mask, wear it over your face and nose throughout the class, and it can only be pulled down when it’s time for water! As always, listen to your body and slow down if you feel your mask is affecting your performance. Your oxygen levels should not be compromised. You may be extra sweaty, but you’ll be safe.
  • For outdoor classes, we are asking that you wear a mask or shield during class. While it’s not mandatory on the state side, we are now making it mandatory. For your safety, ours, and those around you – the less droplets spread, the better!
  • Everyone will get a touchless temperature check and sign a waiver form indicating that you are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 before returning to classes.
  • Everyone will use our touchless hand sanitizer before gathering equipment for class and heading to your space or the backyard. If you prefer to bring your own mats, that is ok with us however you are still welcome to use ours.
  • For indoor classes, please set up at one of the X’s on the floor. For outdoor classes, turf mats are already set up to ensure a 4 by 6 foot space for each of you, and all spaces are at least 6 feet apart. Please do not move them 🙂
  • After class, you’ll leave all equipment on in your spot, and exit the studio (in your mask). We’ll be cleaning all equipment with a special antiviral cleanser.
  • The studio floors and equipment will still be cleaned daily, and our UVC germicidal light system will be used before we lock up, ensuring the entire space inside has been sanitized. We also have an antiviral/antibacterial AC filter installed. Our AC unit only serves the studio – so it does not filter air through other rooms in the building.
  • Backyard will be used as much as possible, as we know it is the safest option. But at 90 degrees and 90% humidity, we realize it’s not an appealing situation :). We will post our schedule every Sunday morning for registation, and it is going to change weekly, based on how classes and times are performing.
  • No unlimited packs will be sold at this time, only class packs and single classes. We hope to bring back unlimited options once a vaccine is available and it is safe to return to larger groups!
  • Your CF Studio Credits – If you have classes on your account that have NOT expired, please feel free to register using them. If you have any classes that have expired since we closed, please email us and we will unexpire your classes for you.
  • If you had purchased an unlimited class pack before we closed and still have “time” left, please email us. We will figure out how much value you had left (daily), and grant you classes at our 30 class pack rate ($10/class). For example, Jenny purchased a 1 month unlimited option on 3/10 for $99. She only used 6 out of 31 days. She has $80 value left to use, and will get 8 classes added to her account.
  • We will continue to offer Virtual and On Demand classes via our web platform, daily (virtual schedule may change week to week). We realize not everyone will be comfortable with in person classes yet, and that is absolutely OK! CLICK HERE for info on how to use our virtual platform! Once you are ready to return in person, connect with us and we’ll ensure you can use credits that you may still have from before we closed.
  • NO WALK-INS. All class reservations and purchases must be made online.
  • Lastly – if you have moved away, and you had credits with us, we can give you access to our app for virtual classes using it’s value. Message us to coordinate!

Schedule for week of 11/16


8:00am CF Strong (Virtual and in person)

5:30pm CF Hiit (Virtual only)


8:00am CF B3 (Virtual only)

6:00pm CF Barre (Virtual and In Person)

7:15pm CF Cycle (In Person only)


8:00am CF Hiit (In Person and Virtual)

9:30am CF Yoga (Virtual Only)

7:30pm CF Yoga (Virtual Only)


8:00am CF Barre (Virtual only)

6:00pm CF B3 (Virtual and In Person)

7:15pm CF Cycle (In Person only)


8:00am CF Hiit (Virtual only))


8:30am CF Hiit (In Person Only)

10:00am CF Fusion (Virtual and In person)


9:30am CF Strong (Virtual)

* Classes/instructors are subject to change due to weather emergencies, illness, etc