1.  Q:  I have never taken a group exercise class before.  Can I still participate?  

A:  YES!!  Our classes are designed for all fitness levels.  Group Fitness is a way to bring together a group of participants that simply want to enjoy themselves while burning calories and achieving their fitness goals.  We all have to start somewhere!

2.  Q:  What should I wear to a class?

A:  We recommend comfortable exercise attire and proper footwear (sneakers and socks).  When choosing a sneaker, ensure that it makes your feet feel secure yet comfortable, and not slippery.  Some classes do not require footwear, however always wear your sneakers to and from class just in case you will need them!  Please, no jeans, scrubs, or work boots.

3.  Q:  Are there locker rooms at Clarity Fitness Studio?

A:  No.  Like most boutique fitness studios, we do not provide locker rooms or showers.  We do have a bathroom, equipped with cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, hand soaps and lotions for your convenience in case you would like to freshen up after class!

4.  Q:  Do I have to reserve my place online in a class before the class begins?

A:  Online reservation is the only way to GUARANTEE your spot in a class. We will accept walk-ins 15 minutes before class begins and ONLY if there is space in the class will you be able to participate at that time.

5.  Q:  I don’t have a credit card.  Will you accept cash or check?

A:  Yes, we will gladly accept cash or a check as payment (in studio only and before class begins), but we strongly recommend you purchase a package rather than single classes.  This way, we can set you up in our system and you can utilize our online registration to use your sessions.

6.  Q:  Where can I park?

A:  The studio is located at 121 34th st (ground floor of Marq North Apartments) in Union City.  Street parking is 2 hours (free of charge) for visitors.  That said, we cannot guarantee parking will be available, and recommend either walking (if you live nearby), or taking public transportation (bus).  All Park Avenue buses stop at the corner of 34th and Park, and you can also take local buses to Park Ave (to and from NYC) and we are 3 blocks north.  

7.  Q:  Should I bring water?  A towel?

A:  Yes, you will need water.  We do sell bottled water at the studio, in case you forget, and have a water cooler for refills!  You will NOT need to bring a towel.  We offer dry towels for your sweat during the class, and cold eucalyptus towels after class!

8.  Q:  Can I purchase a gift card for someone else?

A:  Yes, we offer gift cards that you can use as holiday gift, birthday present, or  a gift for any occasion!  You can choose how much you would like to put on your gift card, but please ensure it will pay for at least 1 single class ($18).

9. Q:  What if I register for a class and something comes up where I  cannot attend?

A:  No problem!  You have up until 3 hours before the class begins to cancel your reservation online.  Please review our current cancellation policy for details on cancellation fees.

10.  I’m a guy – do men take group classes?  

A:  Absolutely.  Our studio caters to men and women alike.  After all, we all have similar goals to improve our fitness levels!