Option 1: Train-With (includes on demand options)

  1. Download the Train-With app on an IPHONE or IPAD. Android or computers will not work.
  2. Put your email and a password in, and click REGISTER
  3. Choose TAKE CLASSES. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up in my trainer list, and I am not sure you want to teach classes for us?? 😉 If you make this mistake, you’ll have to start over with a different email address and follow these steps again.
  4. At bottom of screen you can choose Live, or On Demand.
  5. In the center of the page, choose browse by studio (bright orange)
  6. Choose Studios, not trainers.
  7. Scroll down to Clarity Fitness. Choose us, and see schedule. You can then pick your payment plan (per session $10 or monthly $45 unlimited)
  8. On demand is being updated daily. They review all videos before they add them. They have an influx of videos right now so the turnaround time went from 2 hours to “within 24 hours”.
  9. You will get an email confirmation so you can enter billing info. We’ve been seeing that the billing screen works better on a computer or laptop….but you only have to do it once and then you can register for any classes we provide!

Option 2: Live Virtual Classes via our Website/Zoom

  • Head to our online schedule on our website (or go to our schedule on the MindBody app)
  • Register for any of the classes available this week. Currently we have classes scheduled Monday-Saturday and will continuously update.
  • You can pay per class $10 or purchase a 10 pack for $85. We will offer 10 classes per week until we are able to re-open.
  • Because there is no class library or on demand classes, there is no unlimited option.
  • Once you sign up for class, you’ll receive an email From FitGrid Live with a link to join the from anywhere on any device, 30 minutes before class begins. Click on the link, and join the class!
  • Be sure to turn off your microphone so that everyone can hear the teacher!