Clarity Fitness Studio offers the latest group fitness classes taught by experienced, local talent to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

About Us

Exclusive & Professional

Our exclusive boutique feel and exceptional service offer customers a unique experience filled with neighborhood charm.

Focus: Determine your fitness and wellness goals

Ignite: Dedicate yourself to hard work

Revive: Embrace the feeling of accomplishment…

Our Classes

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cf Cycle Class

We’ll take you on a 45 minute cardio building, calorie blasting ride that will leave you breathless and HOOKED!

cf Fusion

CF Fusion blends Yoga and Pilates elements with strength and flexibility movements.

cf Barre

Not ballet, but Barre….with a kick! Up the intensity of your typical barre workout with this class.


All fitness levels are encouraged to try our version of High Intensity Interval Training.  

cf B3

Ignite your body with this full body, barefoot class. B3 stands for Bands, Balls, Body weight.

cf Yoga

Practice with us at your own pace. Our Hatha/Vinyasa style Yoga flow is meant for all levels.

cf Strong

cf Strong utilizes weighted body bars and is a full body, strength workout.  This is a class for all levels.

cf Private Training

Never exercised or taken a class?  Not sure where to begin?  Schedule a Private Training session with us. 

Why Choose Us

No one comes to the gym just to be healthy…

We understand being healthy is important, but that’s not what motivates most to work out.

What does?
*Looking good naked.
*Being complimented on the way you look at the bar
*Beating your best friend at a food race

And so many other reasons than JUST to be healthy.

What ever your reason for getting in to shape you’re more likely to make it happen here at Clarity fitness.

Why? because we focus on getting results the quickest way.

How’s that? We make it fun, so it doesn’t feel grueling or boring.

You’ll come for the result but you’ll stay for the fun.

Expert Instructors

Meet Our Team

Clarity Fitness Studio’s team of instructors were hand selected
to provide you a fun, safe, and valuable class experience.

Melissa Morin

Melissa Morin

Owner, Founder

Eniko Kiraly

Eniko Kiraly

Cycle, B3 & Strong Instructor

Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon

B3 & Barre Instructor

Teno Stewart

Teno Stewart

B3, Strong & HIIT Instructor

Annalisa Venezia

Annalisa Venezia

Yoga Instructor

Vicky Salim

Vicky Salim

Yoga Instructor

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New Pricing 4/1/19

New Pricing 4/1/19

It’s been 4.5 years since the official opening of our studio, and we are so grateful for all of you and the studio we have created together.

Ready to Make a Change?

Imagine attending a class that you ACTUALLY enjoyed, and got you the RESULT you wanted 2x as fast. Register now – what ever motivates you we’ll make sure it felt easy to get there.